Music and Memory

Music & Memory

Redesign of a Non-Profit Website


As part of a group project in Information Architecture my group proposed a redesign of to try to improve the information architecture and usability of the site. We analyzed the organizational profile, identifying key goals and values to guide our design. We then completed a content audit, performed card sorting exercises, and created a new content taxonomy. From there we created personas, identified scenarios, developed a new sitemap, and created wireframes.

Team: Kelsey, Benny, Millicent, Melanie

Role: Collaborative effort on content audit and taxonomy. Created own persona, scenario, sitemap, and wireframe.

Timeline: 12 Weeks

Tools: Balsamiq, Google Spreadsheets, Optimal Workshop


Organizational Goals & Users

We studied the organization to identify the missions and goals, to help guide our redesign of the website. The focus is to improve the quality of life for patients through their music program, and as such users are likely to be healthcare professionals, elder care professionals, caretakers, and volunteers. The website aims to educate potential supporters and volunteers, gain support though financial and product donations, and to get organizations involved in their certification and training program.

Competitive Analysis

We analyzed websites with similar goals and target users. Through this we identified the current strengths and weaknesses of our selected website.

Card Sort

Performed an initial card sort of the main menu categories and content with our classmates to determine any associations between pages and categories to inform our new information architecture.

Results from an online card sort



Content Audit

We found that there were quite a few repetitive menu options and inconsistency in a global menu.

content audit
Sample from content audit


Content Taxonomy

Based on the content audit and results from the card sort we addressed the information architecture of the site. We created a new controlled vocabulary as a way to title pages and create consistent metadata. We also used our user journeys compared to the content categories to ensure that our redesign met the needs of our user personas.

Sitemap Creation

Based upon our new content taxonomy I proposed a new sitemap including the global content for the header and footer.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 5.45.13 PM
Proposed sitemap based on our new content taxonomy


With our new sitemap we could create a new desktop wireframe including the global content and new menu structure. As a team we created the new header and footer. I then created the new Certified Care Organization page, including a new login feature integrated into the page.

A key change we suggested was to rework the navigation into a less cluttered single menu. This was also reflective of our new content taxonomy and sitemap. Wireframe created by group member.
Wireframe for proposed redesign of a page to make login feature more accessible.