Military Training App

Military Training App

Full research, design, and implementation

Role: UX/UI Designer

Timeline: 2018-2021

Tools: Adobe XD, Squarespace, Vue, Bulma, Buefy, Gitlab, Gitbook, VS Code, XCode.


  • Lead UX Designer for EPIC SaaS web applications
  • Visual Designer and Content Manager for product and marketing websites


  • Adobe Creative Suite, Squarespace, Visual Studio Code, GitLab, Microsoft Office, Bulma, Buefy, Vue
  • Producing User Experience assets including wireframes, personas, sitemaps, user flows, interactive prototypes, as well as pixel-perfect mockups for responsive design
  • Conducting User Research including usability testing, SME interviews, on-site contextual observation, heuristic evaluations, and content analysis
  • Agile process for ISO Compliance: Collaborating with Stakeholders and Engineers to produce User Requirements and User Stories, and prioritizing feature development, enhancements, and bug fixes
  • Development and QA assistance: Managing the version release lifecycle. Issue tracking with Git control. Cross-device testing on local, staging, and production

More about my role

I worked as a design team of one, as a UI/UX designer, at a software startup for a suite of web applications. The scope of work involved a full redesign and expansion on their first application, and creating 5 others from the ground up. Worked with stakeholders, SMEs, and potential customers to identify software requirements and design it to support an intuitive user interface and flow, while also maintaining flexibility to support multiple enterprise customer segments. Excelled at learning quickly about the military and civilian training and exercise lifecycles to be able to create software to improve their efficacy and efficiency of planning and executing their events.


Interview subject matter experts to gain insight on potential gain and pain points, perform competitive analysis of competitor software, test with new and existing users. Create documentation for product requirements, use cases, and user stories.


Designing for product and company marketing websites and the responsive web applications. Finding open source libraries to support designs for quicker implementation by development team, as well as working with developers to create our own design library with reusable components. Taking in to consideration design across browsers and hardware as our government customers tend to utilize Internet Explorer for legacy programs, as well as multi screen displays, large monitors, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Project Management

Work with stakeholders to determine new feature requests, and balance the feasibility of those with our bug fixes and improvements to plan out milestones in GitLab for each version release. Work closely with development team to implement designs and functionality on a timely schedule, and help optimize design to meet deadlines.

Quality Assurance

Utilizing GitLab and VS code I regularly test branches on my local environment, again on staging, and lastly when we update production. I ensured tests meet functional and visual requirements, as well as performed regular end to end testing to identify any bugs or issues.


Worked with stakeholders to redesign icons to have more recognizable meaning and create a cohesive color palette that matches their existing branding and customer base. Also assisted in renaming the products from acronyms to descriptive names for applications in the suite of products. This aided in applications becoming more instantly recognizable to users.

Created a new website for product launch.

Maintained a library of assets for product site and news media.

Iterated based on new products releases, additional features, marketing input.

Coordinated with content on graphics to support blog posts and social media content.

Helped create a new website to reflect new products, updated services, and new use cases for company rebranding.

Performed content audit of existing site, teamed with technical writing and marketing to rewrite and optimize for SEO, as well as getting approval from all stakeholders.

Initiated use of analytics to be able to work on improving KPIs such as views, session duration, and bounce rate.

Continue to regularly create special dedicated landing pages for events and conferences.